Monday, November 2, 2015

It is not such a bad thing to be broken - Patrick Lowry

It's been quite a while since anything has been posted to this page. I created this space to give my friends a place to express creativity, thoughts, poetry and music. But it seems with social media and the myriad ways we can now post online, this kind of space isn't needed as much. But last week, my friend Patrick submitted a piece for my last request. And on paper of all things! Thank you, Patrick! And if you, dear reader who may be out there, have some creative way of addressing this same theme, feel free to send it to me at C

The sad thing is that most of us who are broken don't realize it. We struggle to present an appearance of normality while inside we do everything possible to repress our anxieties and doubts.

It is incredibly liberating to recognize our broken selves - indeed to embrace them as part of who we are.

When we recognize our brokenness, we can begin our journey to become an integrated soul. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have some painful twisted up thing deep inside.

By owning our brokenness - by admitting that we are incomplete, we learn the virtue of humility which is essential to picking up our cross and following Christ.