Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Legend of the Cows - The kids of the Tsartlip First Nations Community

This past summer, several of the fire bowl contributors (along with some other friends) were helping at a community camp for Tsartlip Village, a First Nations community near Victoria, BC in Canada.  During our camp out night, we all wrote this story together.

Many moons ago, there was a cow named Bob and he was really fat and he took over the world.  He had two baby cows.  Their names were Cheese and Hot Dog.  They liked bananas.

Cheese and Hot Dog were sad because they didn't have a mother so they ran away to New York city.  They hated yogurt but they loved to play in the park.  Their little family went in search of a new mother.

One day, while eating grass on the field, they found out that their mother had been assassinated by the mysterious Ben Lomond.  They plotted revenge on Ben Lomond by becoming the best jazz trio ever seen.  As they were performing, Lomond came to the jazz club.  It was then they realized that their mother had been free running with Ben in the woods all along.

They were so shocked that they went and found a shy cow named Flower.  Flower was a blonde cow with three legs and a beard.  Eventually, the entire family was reunited.

Suddenly, they saw an entire mass of Japanese people running toward them and Godzilla came and crushed the entire cow family.  And then shoelaces began falling from the sky.

The cows were on a happy journey to McDonald's to help feed people.  Ronald McDonald came to life and took the cows on a magical journey to Disneyland.  There, they saw a statue of a cow.  A chief from a local tribe, who was hunting in the area, heard the noise and when he got there, he realized it was his cow!

On nights when you can see the moon, you can see four cows jumping over the moon.  One has three legs and blonde hair.

The End.