Monday, December 19, 2011

Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk - Justin Fox and Martinus Hus

Justin Fox is a singer/song-writer and city reach pastor from southern California.  His music, like the man himself, is hopeful, infectious, fun and points to all good things.  You can find out more about Justin, his family, their mission and his music at
My father-in-law, Martinus Hus, was from Holland.  He lived through the war, survived intense poverty, suffered abuse, and experienced extreme hardship.  He was a gentle husband, a loving father to his three kids, a wicked skier, and a collector of old, scratchy sweaters.  He was always quick with a big smile and a welcoming, Dutch hello.  He was European, so of course, he loved Christmas.  He had little charming songs and tasty recipes that gave the season a special spark and a richness that isn't felt too much these days.

Before he passed away, I was able to capture him singing one of his favorite Christmas songs.  He and the family would hold hands around the tree and sing this little tune.  I added a tiny Glockenspiel to the recording, and if you can pronounce that then you might consider tackling the title; Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk.


  1. So nice. Loved that Justin, thank you. It's now a part of our Christmas mix.

  2. This has been in my mix for a while, but I hadn't heard the story behind it. That makes it more specialer! Thanks, Justin.

    And guys, how often have I said that we need to sing Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk more often? I'm always saying, " Chris, play that Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk song on Sunday," and "You know what I feel like hearing right now? Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk."

    As European Christmas songs go, Saa Gaar Vi Rundt Om En Enebaerbusk, ranks right up there with Tryumfy Króla Niebieskiego and Pásztorok, Pásztorok!