Thursday, January 26, 2012

Instrumental - Jordan Horner

Here we are, it's almost February and it's been a while since we've posted anything to the Fire bowl. Our contributors have been working on several posts around the topic of honesty so that is what you'll see reflected in our next series. To start us off is Jordan Horner with an honest form of expression, pure instrumental music. The track below is all Jordan and recorded around Christmastime, 2011. You can listen to archives, download tracks for your ipod and subscribe to all future audio from me and the firebowl community at the podcast site HERE. Chris

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  1. This is a good prayer. Thanks, Jordan.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Jordan. That was great!

  3. I sat down one day desparate to record something--anything. The song that I was working on sounded dumb, and I didn't have anything else I was working on. I remembered this little lick I discovered while doodling on my guitar one time and decided to try that. worked. I thought of what I could add to it and hit record. And after several times of doing that, this song became the finished product. Oh, and the percussion; Ruth and I took a walk one day and found a branch with bean pods attached to it and when I shook the branch these pods would rattle against each other...I thought, "perfect!" Anyhoot, this was great creative outlet during a dry season. That is why the song's name is 'Winter Solace.' Thanks for yer feedback brohams! --Jordan