Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bob's Testimony (I Stand In Awe)

The last few posts here in the Fire Bowl have been on the subject of forgiveness. As I (Chris) write this, it is the Thursday before Good Friday of 2012. Forgiveness is a good thing to think on in this season. And as we head into the joy of Easter and Eastertide, I thought it would be fitting to share this testimony that I have had the privilege of witnessing for the past few years. Here is some of the story of our friend Bob and how grace has changed his life as told to a New Hope church in Modesto, Ca. At the end, you will hear Bob joined by Leah Coffee singing a song that was written by our pastor, Ken Davenport. You can listen right here on the player or download this track and other audio, as well as subscribe via itunes, at the podcast site HERE.

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  1. AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing this. Give Bob and all our love.


    Pastor, Jim Sustar